SHENZHEN GUOGU METAL PROCESSING CO., LTD is located in the convenient traffic fuyong bosom DE intersection, specializing in the production of all kinds of precision hardware: inclusion pin, shaft, handle, knurl nut and so on complex automatic lathe parts and standard parts, fasteners, At the same time the production of various kinds of non-standard parts and other products. Machinery and equipment purchase all the produce of Japan, Taiwan advanced automatic lathe and fasteners production machinery and equipment, mould, materials, and the national standard and international standard and other industry standard that long time, large volume, manufacturing various different type of precision products. Each process strictly adhere to customer requirements, the overall responsibility for spirit, high-end manufacturing high quality products and complete and fully meet the demand of the customers has always been our long-term sustained an inexhaustible motive force and enterprise goal.
We all my colleagues in line with high quality and specialization, adhere to the "quality first, and sustainable management" and the spirit of quality policy, pay attention to the new product research and development, and continuously launch new material, new structure and new varieties to meet the different requirements of customers, and competitive resource quality and target price of market. Currently available for client's choice of the main products are: all kinds of precision metal, pin, shaft, handle, knurl nut class, the national standard screws, international standard screws, mobile phone special screw, nut, non-standard product, etc.…… More》
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